What to see or do in the area

Small hike in the forest from the campsite
Signposted circuit

Signposted tour from the campsite, 40-minute walk in the middle of the forest, a relaxing or sporting moment for those who want it, fast walking or jogging for 30 minutes.

Le souk de Had Draa

  • The Souk of Had Draa: Sunday morning brings together in Had Draa all vendors of all kinds from all over the region. This souk, one of the most important in Morocco, truly typical, also has a cattle market including herds of dromedaries and Arabian horses.
    A real immersion in deep Morocco and unforgettable memories, a great moment!

The old Sugar refinery  of the seventeenth century

The old 17th century sugar refinery
A spectacular building for the cultivation of cane and the production of sugar dating from the XVII century.

The waterfalls of M'barek

This place, by its natural richness, was for a long time a stop for the camel caravans, loaded with products bound for Europe, and which went up from Timbuktu to the port of Essaouira. Before returning to the city, the nomads remained in quarantine around the waterfall, where fresh water, greenery, vegetable crops, the sea, food in abundance, formed an idyllic cocktail.

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